Bus Repair

Buses are not unlike trucks in many ways. At Nationwide Haul Truck and Trailer Repair we take bus repair very serious. Multiple passenger vehicles require trained eyes, and specialized technicians. We work on all areas of bus repair, including, but not limited to:

Cross Arms

– Many passenger buses utilize cross arms that deploy when picking up and dropping off passengers. These stop arms are either electric or air operated and require regular maintenance. We inspect, repair, and replace cross arms when repairs required.

Stop Signs

– Stop signs that tuck away are commonly installed on passenger buses open and close at every stop to notify nearby vehicles to stop when passenger embark and disembark from the vehicle. Like cross arms, they operate with either air or electrical systems, and require regular inspection and maintenance.

Seating and Passenger Securement

– We reupholster and repair seats in all types of buses. Torn seats, entire fireproof seat replacement, seat frame, and fastener replacement are only a few of the things we take care here at Nationwide Haul Truck and Trailer Repair.

Computer Diagnostic

– We provide computer diagnostics on all major components with the latest versions of necessary software. We scan engines, transmissions, brake systems, and body controllers. Using the proper up to date equipment drastically shortens repair times.

Preventative Maintenance

– We provide all types of PM services, from oil changes/flushes to AC service. Cooling system flushes extend the life of radiator and water pumps. Fuel system flushes help avoid costly fuel system repairs.

Engine Repair

– Our facility specializes in all gasoline and diesel engine repairs. We work on DEF and DPF systems, turbo chargers, fuel pumps, fuel injectors, and all other engine components.


– We provide State, County, and Federal Inspection Services, and can perform Florida Department of Education monthly inspections onsite as well.

Brake Service

– Buses vary in types of brake systems, we provide service and repair on all makes and models.

Strobe and Safety Lighting

– Buses have many types of installed lighting systems for safety. Rooftop strobes are standard on school buses. Multiple red and amber lights are used to indicate start and stops. Multiple electronic flashers, relays, switches, and controls are used to control the light systems. Our techs are trained to work with complicated schematics and diagrams to assure rapid turnaround and efficient repair times.